Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Route

It is June 2015 - construction moves slowly in Illinois. Although not as complete as we would like - the new walking/biking path from Yorkville to Plano is completed - unfortunately it starts at the Yorkville city limits - does not go all the way to Saint Patrick Parish. The good news is that from US Route 34 and Eldamin Road the new asphalt path runs smoothly to the edge of Plano where it joins pre-existing concrete walkways. With the addition of this segment it is now safe to walk along US Route 34 between Yorkville and Plano. An added bonus - this gives access to food and bathroom options for those who would need those options. You do lose the beauty of the rural country - but enough does remain - to keep the feel of walking through the beautiful fields of Plano.

This does add the option for a possible cycling Camino - to test - Arlene and I brought our bikes to the YMCA located at the corner of Eldamin Road and US Rt. 34.  Parking our car in their lot we unloaded the bikes and proceeded to bike to the shrine at Saint Mary Parish in Plano. It was an easy ride with only the uphill into Plano being the only real challenge. After spending some time at the shrine - observing the changes to the shrine and saying a prayer or two - we returned to the YMCA parking lot. The Total distance was 7¼ miles - total time 55 minutes. We rode at a controlled pace - more aggressive riders would be faster and others slower. If riding with a group or younger children the ride would be 90 minutes maximum. We look forward to the city of Yorkville adding their own bike path and connecting to the one from Plano - which was the original concept. In time - it will happen.
Click the link below to see the route. We could go directly down US Rt 34 to Center Street in Plano - however that would take you through the town area and more traffic. Turning on Hale Street gives you less traffic and a safer route.

                                                             Bike Route

If all goes well we will sponsor a biking camino this summer - until then - buen camino!

Deacon Dale 

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